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Brian Roesler

Brian is a fun-loving, free spirit. He is the all american man who has searched high and low, far and wide for his true love. He was a 3 sport athlete in high school with exceptional excellence in running. He is like a cuddly teddy bear in personality, demeanor, and appearance. Women have an unquenchable desire for more but he has withheld the best for the woman who will sweep him off his feet. He is charismatic but not overwhelming and able to put the room at ease. For an Oregonian, he is unusually comfortable in sandals and shorts and this might be due to his short stint as a surfing instructor. His mom is a great person and an even better cook, this might be due to the fact that she still cooks breakfast for Brian every morning. In his spare time, Brian is writing an autobiographical self help novel with his mom as a co-author that has the title, "The Days of Our... Children's Lives". Brian is passionate in the pursuit to better his life and the lives of those around him. He is thoughtful of other's best interests and romantically ambitious. Brian would be a fantastic candidate for the Bachelor or the Bachelorette because he is ready for the next step in his life and finding a woman to share it with will be the beginning of that process. Have you seen "Failure to Launch"?......... yeah. Above all else, Brian wants to find the love of his life.
"I really want this to happen" ~Brian Roesler

- As written by Austin Layton for an unsanctioned Bachelor application