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Brian Roesler

My jr year of college I was filming a movie for a class in the common area of one of the dorms. We were using a bunch of bags we had all brought for one travelling scene. When we were done I brought all the bags upstairs to this girl's room (Anna Simon).

A couple days later we all got an email asking if someone left their bag behind. I never really thought much of it. After two weeks of it sitting there, she opened the bag and realized it belonged to a TIUA (the Japanese students at Willamette). When she returned it, he was pissed and asked who was responsible. She gave him my name. I randomly got an email one day... (these are all word for word)

Do you want to die? Do you remember? You stole my bag two weeks ago at Laussane. I thought, my bag was storen by someone. It's true. Because you stole my bag, in fact. I'm very angry. And I want to kill you. Do you understand? I am puzzled about my bag is nothing. You will have to look for me, and you will have to excuse for me. Then I kill you. If you will not came, then I will look for you, and kill you. I never allow to you. You must preparefor the worst. I never set you free. I give you to a week's grace. You must excuse for me. Theft is crime, do you know? O.K. See you mother fucker. - (at least the ending was kinda cordial)

I won't lie, after this first email my roommate (Phil Morton) and I locked our door for the first time all year. Here's what I wrote back:

I am very sorry about your bag. It was totally an accident. I did not know that was your bag, I thought that it was my friends bag. Nothing is missing, and you have it back so I obviously didn't steal it. It was just a big misunderstanding. Please accept my apology, I am very sorry. -Brian p.s. - please don't kill me, I'm still a virgin - (I threw this in to lighten the mood a little)

and then he responded with:

Did you said fool? Are you make a fool of me? I konw this word mean "kill". It isn't joking. Also, it doesn't threat. I was gangster. In the old days, I stab at my friend's eye with a fork. I don't know to I will do when I am get angry. I said, I never I never allow to you. My hometown Ueno is very dengerous area. I know some how to torture. You are unhappiness. Because you stole my bag. It isn't missunderstand. You stole my bag. "I'm sorry"? Do you want to die? You can't run away. It isn't threat that I will have to kill you. You must do apology for me directly. Then I break your bone. This is Japanese gangster style. You will know, this mail is threat or true. If you will not come, then I will look for you. Don't forget. I'm still angry.

and then I responded:

I understand that you are upset, but you need to understand that it was not intentional. There were a lot of bags that I was supposed to pick up for my friend, and I did not know that your bag was not one of hers. I am not trying to make a fool out of you at all. I'm just trying to explain to you that it was an accident and that I am very sorry. Why are you still so angry? Is something missing from the bag? Is that why you are still angry?

to which he responded:

I don't want know the international. Are you really understand? O.K. See you.

to which I responded:

I'm sorry, I didn't understand your last email. What are you trying to say?

and that's how it ended. By the last email I was just fishing, hoping he would continue. When I get stabbed in the eye with a fork, now you know.